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The Male Leads Became Obsessed With Me
The Male Leads Became Obsessed With Me I possessed someone, an extra, in a depraved adult BL novel and met the young obsessive male lead (top). After being bullied by the bottom for years, he turned to a darker path in his adulthood and became the crown prince, indulging in imprisonment, obsession and all sorts of heinous adult past-times. Hmm… Then, if the bottom never bullied the top, it would have a happy ending, right? * * * For the bottom’s happy future, I met the young obsessive male lead top… and he was super cute?! ‘Oh, my heart. He’s like a furry baby predator.’ ‘My baby, I shall protect you!’ I fed, raised and even introduced the insecure obsessive male lead top to the bottom. “Big Sister, I don’t like that bastard. He’s disgusting.” Of course, the bottom was hesitant at the beginning, but the two ended up a little closer. I left with peace of mind. I hoped that my favorite characters would lead happy lives with each other, but, despite my intentions– A few years later, I heard that the obsessive male lead was sweeping through battlefields looking for me. * * * With a height reaching almost 190cm, shoulders as wide as a wild beast and black hair with the scent of blood, Sislin held my waist with a look in his eyes akin to that of a freshly captured beast. “Annette is tiny.” Red eyes tinged with madness turned towards me. “But I’m not.” * * * Heinrich undid my ribbon with his bright red lips. Swish– I could hear the thin cloth rub against each other as it came undone. “You promised not to leave me behind.” Purple irises and a hauntingly beautiful smile. “What kind of punishment should I give… to a naughty child that breaks her promises?” * * * He was a stranger, the man who ‘proposed’ to me with countless slaves caged up behind him. “It’s a present. You wished to raise a smart pet, after all.” All I did was raise some boys for a happy ending, but these obsessive male leads want to eat me alive. Why? What happened…? ❣️ I did not originally wrote this novel❣️