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You Are The One I Love Started : 16/02/2019 Ended : 16/07/2019 ////Most of us have or had a crush when we were in school, to whom we never proposed because of the circumstances or sacred of being rejected by them. Instead, we choose to keep it a secret ... Just one glance at our crush would make our day ...having a crush without our best friend Is incomplete. This Is a love story of Jessica Olsen who has a crush on the school's popular guy Austin Ames. This story is a kind of slow romance genre, give it a try if you want to read a feel good story and you are being warned since there are 18+scenes too, hope you guys like it. //// __ __ _____ __ ______ ___ ______ ___ ___________ The place where I was standing, it was silent yet a perfect bliss. I saw the moon was shining bright and the stars twinkling in the sky, the roads were empty with flickering streetlights and children were playing. I could hear the sound of breeze and the trees swaying in a rhythm, it made me feel euphoric. I was startled by hearing a voice from behind, it was a voice which makes my heart flutter. And in that silent night hearing his voice made me feel like a morning coffee which was deep and addicting. I knew who it was. I turned back and looked at Austin. He wore a white shirt and a black jeans, his thick black and light brown hair was shining as always. As the wind blew through my hair, I tucked it behind my ear. "Beautiful," I heard him murmur and when I looked at him, I saw him looking at the stars. "Indeed," I replied and completed my juice in one gulp. He was looking only at the stars and admiring them while I was looking at the stars and but admiring him. ------ The Love series First story : You Are The One I Love Second story : Symphony Of Love Third story : Rendezvous With Love Fourth story : Concerto Of Love (on-hold)
Discontinued:I Changed The Villain's Role (Season 1 And 2 Combined) An unexpected weapon killed Astrid who was known to be a top-notch assassin and suddenly transmigrated into a book which she read two years ago. The title of the book was called "The Star of the Sea",which she became the side character(Avila) who was destined to die at such a young age. Stubborn as she is,she struggled to survive and vowed to become the strongest woman she can be.It was unacceptable to accept the fact that her fate was to wait for "death" to fetch her because of her "role" being sick. And from time to time,her life was getting nearer to the future she has always wanted.But in an instant,the rope that was guiding her to have a good future snapped.She made something very terrible. "Unforgivable?What could possibly go wrong by saving an injured person?" Oh God!Sweet,naive...Little Avila.The person that you saved was none other than the villain!Now that she has completely changed the plot,how will she manage to survive?It's even more unfortunate now that the villain wants her. "MAMA MIA!Please stop chasing me!You were suppose to be chasing the heroine...not me!" "You are more interesting than any other girls I have encountered.So chill and relax...I want you than anybody else.Little lady~" "NOOOO!" As the plot continues,how on earth will the girl live peacefully now? A/N:Since I still have free time,I'll update everyday with one chapter and if I can't update for 1 or 2 days then that means I am getting ready for crazy updates...I'll just inform you(readers) if i'll slowly stop updating this because of school or my personal reasons.Thank you for reading by the way! Credits to the real owners of the pictures! Start:11/05/2021 End:Don't know yet...