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My Heart Hates Me "When the first snow hits the ground- Your wish will come true" A little girl from a small, unknown village in Germany, a little boy from the huge city of Tokyo in Japan-- Their marriage was fixed before they were born. They both were tied down to each when they were two. They are each other's prisoners. A prison they can't escape until death hits them-- They make a paradise of nothing. They have never met each other, they have never seen each other and live in two different worlds. One is too rich, other is too poor. One is restless, other is calm. One is mature, the other is childish. One is sick, and the other is medicine. As days pass, she falls for him just by thinking about him and he hates her more, just by thinking about himself. After 25 years, they meet. He cheats on her, he hates her, he only makes her miserable, he wants her to disappear... Unless she finally does. They can't have each other. "He has to die for her, for her to live for herself" They are wrapped up in someone else's webs and only the first snow can save them from this world where they don't belong. They fight, love, hate, break, they are hurting but they don't know why. All they know is that they are doing everything wrong-- Cause this marriage was never meant to be. But can Fate change when life and death collide and their hearts struggle to meet? Find out in this psychological thriller! "Nobody cares unless you're beautiful... Or dead. Life is hard, it kills you afterall" Life is the art of dying
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