The Villain’s Younger Sister Hey guys 👋 Title: The villian's Younger Sister Genre: Comedy Drama Josei Romance Slice of Life Type: Web Novel [ ] Nie AnAn woke up one day and realized that she had transmigrated as the villain’s adoptive sister. In the novel, the villain conquered left and right, and his always woe-is-me younger sister was always cleaning up after him. The two of them were rightfully the grim reapers in the book. The very next day after her transmigration, the soft and delicious Nie AnAn passed out from seeing blood. And so — The shivering competitors noticed that their nemesis’s sister had turned to a delicious treat — and wanted to protect her; The original male lead noticed that young Miss Nie, who had been chasing after him this entire time, wouldn’t even give him the time of day anymore — and felt unbalanced; Young Master Nie was very happy that his parents had two kids back then– she was so cute; A certain cold blooded and violent villain had been going home earlier and earlier, and the way he talked was becoming gentler and gentler. Villain Brother: AnAn, come over. Let me try some of it. Nie AnAn: Hold on, gege. It’s not ready yet. (don't forget to like, comment and subscribe my story.)(◠‿・)—☆ Tags[ ] #Beautiful Female Lead #Celebrities #Cooking #Doting Love Interests #Doting Older Siblings #Doting Parents Familial Love #Female Protagonist #Handsome Male Lead #Heartwarming #Modern Day #Multiple POV #Naive Protagonist #Protagonist Falls in Love First #Second Chance #Siblings Not Related by Blood #Transmigration #Wealthy Characters
Symphony Of Love Note : The chapters have been split into two due to which you may find more chapters in this stroy. If you are searching for a feel good story, you can give it a try! Set in a fictional place. The names of the places I mentioned may exist but it's description is my imagination. She was no princess or a girl who has Mafia background to hide her identity yet she does hides. She claims to be a simple girl but she isn't. Things start to swirl up when she begins to work with a young CEO. A scene from the story "Why are running away, Amelia?" she felt a thousand bolts struck her heart when her name rolled on his tongue for the first time, it has been ages since someone called her Amelia. She was always used to the name Amy. Hearing her name from him, created an unknown feeling that only pulled her closer to him. She shook her head when he closed their proximity. "Speak, Amelia." He had no idea in what ways his close proximity was affecting her. A satisfying smirk played on his lips which the girl failed to notice, he wanted her to be affected as much as he did because of her presence. "Are you afraid of answering to my question or is it me whom you are afraid of?" his fingers on her wrist trailed on her soft skin causing goosebumps all over her body. Unsatisfied that her eyes were not looking at him, he gripped her chin to see her captivating eyes. His eyes were boring into her, unable to think for an answer, she failed to utter simple words but with much efforts, she shook her head again. "Words Amelia," she heard him say when his palm rested on her cheek, his thumb was feathering her lips. She studied his eyes and face to pick out any emotion but found none. She was beyond nervous, her mind and her body didn't act accordingly. Her mind said leave; her body reacted to his slightest touch like the spell of an enchanted wand. ..... A slow burn romance with no major misunderstandings and a feel good story. The Love series (can be read as stand alone) You Are The One I Love Symphony Of Love Rendezvous With Love Concerto Of Love I Do Not Own The Cover Picture.