Discontinued:I Changed The Villain's Role (Season 1 And 2 Combined) An unexpected weapon killed Astrid who was known to be a top-notch assassin and suddenly transmigrated into a book which she read two years ago. The title of the book was called "The Star of the Sea",which she became the side character(Avila) who was destined to die at such a young age. Stubborn as she is,she struggled to survive and vowed to become the strongest woman she can be.It was unacceptable to accept the fact that her fate was to wait for "death" to fetch her because of her "role" being sick. And from time to time,her life was getting nearer to the future she has always wanted.But in an instant,the rope that was guiding her to have a good future snapped.She made something very terrible. "Unforgivable?What could possibly go wrong by saving an injured person?" Oh God!Sweet,naive...Little Avila.The person that you saved was none other than the villain!Now that she has completely changed the plot,how will she manage to survive?It's even more unfortunate now that the villain wants her. "MAMA MIA!Please stop chasing me!You were suppose to be chasing the heroine...not me!" "You are more interesting than any other girls I have encountered.So chill and relax...I want you than anybody else.Little lady~" "NOOOO!" As the plot continues,how on earth will the girl live peacefully now? A/N:Since I still have free time,I'll update everyday with one chapter and if I can't update for 1 or 2 days then that means I am getting ready for crazy updates...I'll just inform you(readers) if i'll slowly stop updating this because of school or my personal reasons.Thank you for reading by the way! Credits to the real owners of the pictures! Start:11/05/2021 End:Don't know yet...
The Male Leads Became Obsessed With Me I possessed someone, an extra, in a depraved adult BL novel and met the young obsessive male lead (top). After being bullied by the bottom for years, he turned to a darker path in his adulthood and became the crown prince, indulging in imprisonment, obsession and all sorts of heinous adult past-times. Hmm… Then, if the bottom never bullied the top, it would have a happy ending, right? * * * For the bottom’s happy future, I met the young obsessive male lead top… and he was super cute?! ‘Oh, my heart. He’s like a furry baby predator.’ ‘My baby, I shall protect you!’ I fed, raised and even introduced the insecure obsessive male lead top to the bottom. “Big Sister, I don’t like that bastard. He’s disgusting.” Of course, the bottom was hesitant at the beginning, but the two ended up a little closer. I left with peace of mind. I hoped that my favorite characters would lead happy lives with each other, but, despite my intentions– A few years later, I heard that the obsessive male lead was sweeping through battlefields looking for me. * * * With a height reaching almost 190cm, shoulders as wide as a wild beast and black hair with the scent of blood, Sislin held my waist with a look in his eyes akin to that of a freshly captured beast. “Annette is tiny.” Red eyes tinged with madness turned towards me. “But I’m not.” * * * Heinrich undid my ribbon with his bright red lips. Swish– I could hear the thin cloth rub against each other as it came undone. “You promised not to leave me behind.” Purple irises and a hauntingly beautiful smile. “What kind of punishment should I give… to a naughty child that breaks her promises?” * * * He was a stranger, the man who ‘proposed’ to me with countless slaves caged up behind him. “It’s a present. You wished to raise a smart pet, after all.” All I did was raise some boys for a happy ending, but these obsessive male leads want to eat me alive. Why? What happened…? ❣️ I did not originally wrote this novel❣️
The Villainess Wants To Go Home Who knew the 21st century feared assassin, The Black Dragon would crossover to become the arrogant daughter of the Glacies Duke? Artemis Ray, 23, was killed by her former lover in a mission and transmigrated into the 17-year-old body of a sub villainess and half-sister of the innocent heroine from a trilogy novel 'My Grace' Artemis read before she died. Stuck in a fantasy world of a novel that revolves around magic and powerful dragons that rank peoples statis, Artemis the feared assassin and the greatest doctor of the Ryu Organisation will go on an epic journey around Alphyria searching for the one thing that will take her home and back to her older brother who she promised to stay with forever. With magical mythical creatures, goblins, orcs, and ancient dark magic that has been thought to be destroyed long after the great King, Artemis now Diana must fight her way through even without the knowledge of how to use her ice and water magic. Yet who needs magic when you got your trusty assassin weapons and your Katana to slice down giant centipede heads? But when mysteries and secrets begins to unravel in the world Artemis believes to be a only novel, she begins to question and doubt the world of Alphyria itself. Come along an adventure where Artemis Ray, a former assassin, a dramatic fox named Homura and a 12 year old thief, Jackal, who becomes Artemis disciple go on an adventure through Alphyria looking for a crystal of legends as they run from handsome princes who Artemis as their wife, monsters, dark users, a duke who wants her back and not to mention an ex-fiance who chases after her with regrets. This story is original mine and owned by me however the pictures do not belong to me but the original artists. WARNING FEW CHAPTERS MAY BE CRINGE AS I STARTED YOUNG BUT IT DOES PROGRESS BETTER SO BE WARNED ANOTHER WARNING this ain't your typical transmigration and isekai novel. Female lead isn't OP with magic, either. Started: 12/04/2021