When The Dark Chocolate Met The Blue Ocean!!! "I need your body" He said those words out making her eyes widen. *Silence* " I have a co-condition" a sob escaped her mouth He cocked his brow up, showing a amused face. "Mmm?" "ma-marry me!" _____________________________________________ Female Lead: Esther Grey; Well, this story is about an innocent girl. She doesn't have any strong background nor she have a badass nature. She was adopted when she was 5 years old but her adoptive parents were met with an accident when she just turned 16. Her Foster parents believed in God and thus they taught her how to live a religious life. She started going for part time jobs. Every weekends she went to church to attend the holy mass. She prayed for everyone's well being. She is a simple and humble girl who loves and forgives those who hate her. "Life is a short Journey, why don't we try to forgive others and keep others happy every day..." was her answer Whenever someone asks about her forgiving personality. Male lead: Zachary Charles; The only Son of William Charles,who has the exact opposite personality of our Female lead. His present life goes okay even though there is some part of his past that makes him aggressive. A cruel person to those who hated him and loves those whom he trust and His Dad and best friend is among them. He doesn't spare a smile to the people around him except for his Dad. Girls threw themselves to him but he is not interested on those filthy one's who grabs the shoulders of wealthy men. "An Eye for an Eye" is his motto. THIS IS A SLOW BURN ROMANCE Let's see how the lives of 2 different personalities entangle with each other.... But...hey...the story is not as simple as you think.... It's not just a Love story...But... something more than that...🧐🀨.. let's solve this mystery together!!! Are you guys with me??? Then why wasting your time come lets start our journey πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³ The Pictures which the Author used in this novel are not owned by the Author ,full credit goes to their respective one's.